Dr. Namrata Gupta

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"She has a very warm, caring personality and made me feel very comfortable. We took infertility treatment from Dr. Namrata and conceived and delivered a healthy baby."


"I was operated by Dr. Namrata for laproscopy surgery to remove fibroid. It was very succcess full, She is very soft nature doctor. Now I am fine and living healthy life. Thanks to Dr. Namrata. "


"I had large fibroid uterus was operated laparoscopyby Dr. Namrata.
Her clinical and surgical skills are superb and her gentle care is like a blessing for the patients in pain and suffering."


"I had precious pregnancy in addition it was complicated with hypertension and diabetes.
Under compassionate care of Dr. Namrata I was blessed with health baby and I am thankful to her for it"

Mrs. Archna Gupta